Raka Tsangpo Headwaters in Tibet, 2005

This river was run on the way back to Lhasa after the team ran the upper Indus north of Mt. Kailash in western Tibet. There is a Class 3 rapid near the put-in (29.522052, 86.293285) then after that the river is Class 2. The road parallels the river for the first few miles, then the river enters an open canyon. After about 15 miles, the river enters a very wide valley and the biggest challenge was picking braided channels that were deep enough to float. Shangri La River Expeditions originally planned to run the roadless canyon section below this braided section in 2002 (Sangsang, 29.455253, 86.688113, to Rutog, about 40 miles downstream), but the river was too low. In 2005, there was plenty of water, but locals told the team there was a one kilometer long landslide in the canyon about 30 miles below Sangsang. The team only had two days to boat the canyon, portage the slide and then continue boating 20 miles to Jonang, and the portage alone would have taken a day. Below the slide the river probably reverts to Class 2.

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